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Our initial donation campaign has started!

evRiderz supports local artisan

The story of evRiderz mascot

The story of evRiderz mascot and our local artisan started in April this year. The founder was walking past a street vendor in Bangkok,  we now know as Yupa, and noticed she was selling her hand made poppets to help pay her daughter, Sukanya, school fees. 

Noticing there was no tourists buying her wares, the founder decided to buy some.  He then started to donate them to people he met, and went back the next day to buy some more.

One day, during his morning jog, he had an idea to have our own evRiderz Win motorcycle mascot.   Yupa could make them and it would help with her lack of income.

We had some product tests until the final two models of evRiderz poppets were ready.  The peak on the helmet was Sukanya’s idea, “Mum, the Win Motorcycle drivers have sun peaks”. So we had a peak, and Yupa recommended that each “Win Man” to have an orange vest. Just like the Win motorcycle drivers of Bangkok.

During the first production, Yupa recalled that her daughter was having a Video Line call with here teacher as there was no school and  her teaching asking how she was coping.   She proudly picked up a Win man mascot and explained, “putting the smiles on Win Man!”

We at evRiderz care about the community and are always striving on  how to give back.  Our mascot is a small demonstration on how we strive to help the people of Bangkok. 

Each purchase on our webpage related to her products (WIN man puppets and helmet puppet), all the proceeds are donated to Yupa to keep her in business.

So, help out, buy a poppet and it helps us keep a street artisans in work!