evRiderz values our Driverz!

evRiderz knows motorcycles are integral to the city’s smooth functioning. Motorcycles take up less space in traffic and in parking, getting around much easier and quicker, than their four-wheeled counterparts. But traditional petrol motorcycles contribute to pollution and can be a money suck when it comes to maintenance. Not to mention the burns that passengers risk getting from those overheating exhaust pipes! If you’d like to rid yourself of these problems without having to spend too much, evRiderz wants you to join our Driverz!

Why Join evRiderz?

Becoming a Driverz means being part of the green energy revolution!

Increase your customer base

for an increased income in our family of Driverz through our evRiderz services.

Going green doesn’t mean diving into the red

we offer attractive pricing with lower cost financing.

Save time and even more money

Electric bikes don’t need much maintenance, so you can spend more time on the road.

Easy transition to Driverz

As a registered and licensed motorcycle rider, evRiderz offers you affordable financing solutions to buy your electric motorcycle. This means you can transition easily from petrol to battery power without feeling drained financially. Plus, you get access to even more customers through our various online services and apps. evRiderz aims to bring the green energy and convenient efficiency of electric motorcycles to every motorcycle taxi, ride hail, and delivery service.

Driverz enjoy a range of services for their bikes and for their business.

Electric Motorcycles

This modern technology cost less in purchasing and maintaining. All while contributing to a greener environment.

Battery services

A convenient service informs you where the nearest battery swapping station is, or you can take advantage of our battery delivery service.

Riderz apps

Earn money by providing services to customers keen on green energy services.

Join the evRiderz family!

Our Driverz are part of the evRiderz family – we go beyond selling and leasing electric motorcycles. The evRiderz battery solution includes a charging and delivery service if you don’t have the time to find a swapping station. You can keep riding, transporting passengers, and making deliveries! All the while, no smelly fumes, no exhaust pipe burns, no running out of juice. Just happy Driverz and satisfied customers! Driverz get state-of-the-art motorbikes and access to cutting edge apps:

Longer, Cleaner Rides

Our electric bikes use the latest technology for optimally efficient travel.

Latest Battery Technology

Batteries are regularly serviced, replaced and updated for the best, most cost-effective performance.

Riding into a greener future. We are evRiderz.


We keep up with the latest advances to ensure the best application development to support our innovative electric motorcycles and batteries swapping services. Seamless interfaces to connect Riderz and Driverz for the most efficient, cost-effective transactions. Brushless motors, hydraulic suspension, and disc brakes for smooth ride performance. Lithium batteries with 35 – 55AH for dependable, long-lasting power supply.


evRiderz wants a better and greener future for everyone and focuses on pragmatic solutions to support these goals. Air pollution has seriously affected the global environment leading to serious climate change impacts. Carbon emissions from petrol vehicles is a major contributing factor. By converting to green vehicles, we can halt and reduce air pollution in our cities.