01 Dec 2020

evRiderz launches ride-hailing services for WIN riders in Bangkok

evRiderz launches ride-hailing services for WIN riders in Bangkok

evRiderz aim to become the world’s first electric-only ride-hailing motorcycle transportation service

The launch commemorates the 2nd years since the evRiderz vision started with the app development locally here in Thailand. Ride along with Win drivers from evRiderz Thailand HQ office to a nearby hotel across the Rama III bridge was attended by close to 300 driverz and guests.

evRiderz plans to start the service within Thon Buri (other nearby win district) with over 300 registered driverz and soon we shall be expanding the service to other districts in near future.

Focus will be solely on the Win drivers as this will help them to reduce their cost of ownership while having the opportunity to increase their revenue as evRiderz plans to introduce other services such as food delivery and parcel delivery services via our app.

evRiderz is the 1st company in Thailand to introduce full electric ecosystem for electric motorcycles with distributed charging station and battery swapping service.

This will go in line with Thailand government initiative to reduce carbon emission within Bangkok City and increase usage of electric vehicles while promoting the  #PM2.5 #COP26 initiatives.

Gareth Kerr

A major milestone was created today, even during the challenges of Covid, the app went live under difficult conditions.  Great to see so many of our WIN registered drivers turn up for the launch and 10  fantastic launch prizes given out.  A remarkable team effort to make today happen. Looking forward to building on this.

— Gareth Kerr (CEO)