01 Jun 2020

Benefits of electric motorcycles over petrol

Benefits of electric motorcycles over petrol

Top 5 Reasons to Choose an Electric Motorcycle

Motorcycles are the transport of choice in big cities across Asia. Maneuverable and cost effective, people prefer these vehicles for deliveries and for getting themselves around, too. But as costs rise and pollution levels increase, electric motorcycles are coming to the forefront as a perfect transportation solution for a green future. Here are the top five reasons to pick an electric motorbike over a petrol one.

1. Easy-to-use, Instant Torque

Electric motorcycles outperform their petrol counterparts with instant torque. This means quick acceleration and power. No need to wait for the engine to rev up. And electric motorcycles run smoothly – no confusing up or down-shifting and worrying about grinding gears down. They are also more lightweight than petrol bikes, so electric bikes are easier to maneuver. This is so important as you navigate through big city traffic.

2. Comfortable Ride

Petrol engines have cylinders, crankshafts, and pistons. All these cause vibrations which can get uncomfortable, especially waiting at a red light. Electric motorcycles do not have these issues, providing a consistently smooth ride for driver and passenger. Also, because there is no exhaust heating up, passengers do not have to worry about getting burns from the exhaust pipe.

3. Environmentally Friendly

Electric motorcycles run on clean battery power, not polluting petrol. There is also less waste because there is no need for oil or filters. They are also silent, so they even contribute to lowering noise pollution. Electric motorbikes are truly zero-emissions machines!

4. Low Maintenance

Electric motorcycles are extremely efficient. Air filters, spark plugs, timing belts, oil, gear boxes – these are just a few things electric motorbike owners do not have to worry about maintaining. Or spending money on changing. You just need to check the tire and brake systems. And because electric engines can be so responsive, you will find brake pads lasting longer.

5. Saves Time and Money

With the extraordinarily low maintenance, you save time and money with electric motorbikes. Along with the time money saved from fewer repairs and maintenance, there is also fuel cost savings. As battery technology improves, electric motorbikes will last longer on a charge than a petrol bike on a full tank. And with evRiderz battery leasing program, you can take advantage of our convenient battery delivery service. You will never have to worry about looking for a petrol station or being stranded with an evRiderz electric motorbike!

evRiderz Offers All of Above and More!

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