25 Sep 2020

evRiderz WinMan Helmet Puppet

evRiderz WinMan Helmet Puppet


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By buying this product we will donate all of the product revenue of your purchase directly to our local artisan!

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A nice litte handmade WinMan helmet puppet produced with passion and love from a local Bangkok artisan.

Ideal key ring for your motorbike or car keys.

Yupa is our artisan who makes evRiderz mascot, “WIN Man”.  She makes all types of beautiful key rings to help pay for her daughter “Sukanya”, school fees.  In April, when the founder met her, and as there are no tourists, the Founder came up with the idea that she could make our mascots.  Each one, hand made with love and care.

When the schools were still on Lock down, Sukanya’s teach had a LINE call and asked her how she was.  She replied with pride, “putting the smiles on WIN Man,” holding up the mascot to show the smile she glued on to help her mother.

All the money from the poppets are then donated to Yupa to help pay for her daughter’s school costs.

We care about the community.  Let us make a difference!


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