evRiderz Electric Motorcycles

We offer the latest in EV technology with a range of electric motorcycles. Designed and manufactured for optimal performance in congested cities, these motorcycles are greener than petrol bikes. evRiderz motorcycles produce zero emissions and are cost-effective with affordable financing and low maintenance and battery costs.

Currently, we have two excellent models to choose from. Check out which suits you best!

Technical Specifications:


This is our top-of-the-line motorcycle, fully electric and completely comfortable for Driverz and Riderz. This deluxe bike is ideal for transporting passengers, featuring:

  • Up to 110 km range per charge
  • Up to 95 km/hr maximum speed 


Driverz who choose this mid-size bike can transport passengers or provide courier services with ease, featuring:

  • Up to 90 km range per charge.
  • Up to 65 km/hr maximum speed.
T70 evriderz

Technical Specifications: