Solutionz for a Greener Tomorrow

Being a vertically integrated solutions supplier, we provide the evBikes and charging options with lower cost finance to our drivers to join the evRevolution.
Our easy to user digital platform enables our Driverz to accept ridez requests from the important end user. And we are growing the functions in our platform.


evRiderz provides cutting-edge electric motorcycle, battery swapping, delivery, and transport services with more innovative services being developed. Our ever-expanding offerings are easily accessible from an intuitive app platform for both Driverz and Riderz!

evRiderz Applications

Living a green lifestyle should be smooth and seamless. So our technologists and behavioral specialist designed our apps to be intuitive and easy to use. Free to download at the Apple Store or Google Play, Riderz or Driverz will find our apps simple to install, with clear instructions and an upfront charging system with no hidden costs.

evRiderz Electric Motorcycles

We think these are pretty cool and conducted real-world tests with motorcycle taxi and delivery drivers to select the perfect ev-motorbikes. No more smelly petrol and inconvenient oil changes. Or worrying about finding a petrol station when your tank runs dry.  From high affordability to low maintenance, our Driverz will profit when they go green!

evRiderz Battery Service

Removable and rechargeable batteries are the core of every ride with evRiderz. evRiderz’s network of battery-swapping locations means a fully charged, fresh battery is always nearby. And our battery-swap delivery service offers that extra level of convenience. Driverz can keep on riding without worrying about replacing old batteries or finding a charging station.


We keep up with the latest advances to ensure the best application development to support our innovative electric motorcycles and batteries swapping services. Seamless interfaces connect Riderz and Driverz for the most efficient, cost-effective transactions. Brushless motors, hydraulic suspension, and disc brakes for smooth ride performance. Lithium batteries with 35 – 55AH for dependable, long-lasting power supply.


evRiderz wants a better and greener future for everyone, and focuses on pragmatic solutions to support these goals.

Air pollution has seriously affected the global environment leading to serious climate change impacts. Carbon emissions from petrol vehicles is a major contributing factor. By converting to green vehicles, we can halt and reduce air pollution in our cities.

evRiderz electric motorcycles guarantee cleaner air without compromising commerce.