Motorbike WIN Taxi Ride Hailing, evBikes, Battery Swap & Go model
Now operational in selected zones in Bangkok, transitioning petrol Driverz to evBike Driverz.

Join the race with evRiderz!


Enjoy the convenience of motorcycle services that are affordable and efficient, as well as emissions-free and green!


From transporting passengers to new future services, Driverz earn more while saving the environment!


Solar charged, Battery_as_Service ecosystem to power our affordable electric motorcycles with flexible financing and remarkable after-sales service options for our registered Driverz!
evRiderz is the first in the world Ride Hailing service company that also provides battery swap and electric motorcycles solutions to our evDriverz participating in our own motorcycle taxi, ride hailing, and delivery services. We founded our business model on creating vertically integrated cost-effective options to encourage a broader population to embrace green energy into their everyday transactions. Reliable electric motorcycles for our Driverz. More affordable financing than is given to standard petrol drivers. Companion apps and services to facilitate commerce. evRiderz assists our Driverz transition from petrol to EV. We want everyone to ride into a greener future with evRiderz.

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