It all started when we realised the high costs that petrol motorcycle taxi drivers in Asia pay in finance and running costs to earn a living.

Being passionate about sustainability, evRiderz was formed to make a difference.

Our team of experienced service-oriented technologists are committed to providing drivers and customers cost effective, ev-based transportation services.

evRiderz offers clean, sustainable, and affordable electric motorcycles. This means reasonable financing as well as additional services, including charged battery deliveries. Leave the world of polluting petrol motorcycles and join our eco-friendly, energy efficient evRiderz family today!

Our Driverz have fewer costs. Efficient batteries replace polluting petrol. Oil, filter changes, and other maintenance are worries no longer. Along with the savings from their new green electric vehicles, Driverz can access a new customer base of people seeking environmentally sustainable, yet cost-effective rides and deliveries.

Our Riderz enjoy their lives more knowing they are green. With a simple, easy to use app, they can take advantage of affordable, efficient, and green services right away. And as our Driverz network grows, so will conveniences for our Riderz.

We are continuously thinking about how to make lives greener in every way, for our Riderz and our Drivers.

evRiderz is driven by green energy for the best in skills and technology to lead the way to a more sustainable future.

Don will explain in our video clip, why Bangkok is our launch city for evRiderz. Let us make clean air a choice, not a consequence.

We are evRiderz.


evRiderz has a simple mission: to be a sustainable, green transport service provider that gives added value solutions to our Driverz and our end users.


As cities become more congested every year, there is an increased demand for motorcycle services for “last kilometre” logistics, from documents to food to themselves. Our vision is to substitute polluting petrol motorbikes with clean, silent, battery-powered motorcycles, evRiderz will be at the forefront of the green energy revolution in cities around the world.
Starting our services to our Riderz first in Asia, we will break down the barriers of entry with bespoke financial services to our Driverz not seen before. Putting more money back into the pockets of our Driverz and passing these cost savings on to Riderz while helping Mother Earth with less CO2 emissions.


We have dedicated ourselves to a green energy future and are fully committed to offer affordable, efficient services based around electric motorcycles, replacing the polluting, noisy petrol motorbikes that now add to the discomfort and pollution in our cities.
evRiderz green motorcycle services are the perfect solutions for increasingly congested cities.

evRiderz Board Members

evRiderz board members come from a range of industries and specialties. This ensures that no opportunity is left behind as we develop services and apps for our Driverz and Riderz:

Mark Winlow


Mark is a seasoned finance and insurance professional leading the way in financing technology-based companies. He is a founder of the digital Starling Bank and has been the lead on fundraising and sales in excess of $150Million per deal.

Gareth Kerr

Gareth Kerr

Founding Director & Chief Executive Officer

Gareth is a highly knowledgeable entrepreneur and technologist. Over the last 10 years, he has realized over $4 billion in added value for clients’ businesses. He holds a BEng and an LL.M in International Commercial & M&A Law.

Harald Nahr

Chief Technologist

Harald has held high level technology positions, including CTO and Chief IT architect roles, with many global technology providers. He brings a depth and experience of delivering new emerging technology to the marketplace.

Chris Ng

Chief Operating Officer

Chris has held several high-level IT positions on a global scale, including being the youngest CIO of Siemens North America. Chris brings expert knowledge of our launch pad Asian market.

Philip Small

Chief Investment Officer

Philip is a self declared workaholic and serial entrepreneur in charge of spearheading  the raising of capital for the company as well as dealing with investor relations. He has extensive experience in raising finance and is an experienced operator in the food service industry. 

Dr. Georg Lechner

In-house Counsel

Georg continues to leverage his law degrees, including a Research Doctorate (PhD in Law) from Vienna & Sorbonne, and his Yale MBA into successful M&A deals with a total value in the billions of dollars.

K. Khongmak (Pae)

Service Management Thailand

K. Pae has the management experience perfectly suited to ensuring seamless recruitment and onboarding of new Driverz.

Riding into a greener future. We are evRiderz.