Invest in a Greener Future with evRiderz

evRiderz is passionate about creating and maintaining a sustainable future. We are committed to capitalising on green technology for less pollution, a better environment, and healthy business. 

Just as we offer eco-conscious electric motorcycles and convenient, green transport and delivery apps to our Riderz and Driverz, we are always open to investors who want to join our journey into a greener future! 

Profound experience drives evRiderz

The evRiderz board has a comprehensive understanding of what it takes to plan, develop, implement, sell, and maintain a prosperous business venture. 

Our board has accrued over 200 years in combined expertise that they apply to every facet of evRiderz operations. Each board member has been deeply involved in a critical aspect of successfully introducing and integrating new technology. 

We are experts in technology, infrastructure, accounting, law, and business. Along with a unified dedication to sustainable, profitable green solutions, evRiderz is leading the way to a greener future!

~20% growth rate

Potential growth rate of ride hailing and food delivery services

Benefit from evRiderz green innovations

Do you share our vision of sustainable transportation solutions? If so, you may be a perfect investor! 

evRiderz promotes eco-conscious transport services for our Driverz and Riderz with a business model that is commercially rewarding for our investors. To find out how you can invest in our green transport revolution, contact us today!